Chandeliers (Coin) rules

Chandeliers (Coin)

Chandeliers (Coin) is a familiar drinking game where players throw coins to put them in drinking cups. The game may result in quite heavy drinking. So it is not suitable for light weight drinkers.


  • A quarter coin.
  • A big cup.
  • Some smaller cups
  • Beer


Put the big glass at the middle with the smaller cups around it. All the cups should be filled with beers. There should be some gap among the cups.


  • Each player will have a particular cup. Then one player will try to throw the coin into any of the cups which belong to the other players.
  • If the coin lands into one’s cup, that person must drink all the beers of the cup. The cup is then refilled. And the game continues. 
  • If the coin gets into the big glass, all players (except the one who threw the coin) will quickly try to finish their cups. The last person to finish will have to drink all beer of the big glass.
  • The game has no particular rule on how it should end. That means the game will go on as long as the participants want. 



Chandeliers (Coin) is one of the most popular drinking games. Though, as you should realize from the description, it may lead to heavy drinking. So, the game is not very suitable if your group is not comfortable with that much beer. In our cases, it often occurred that one or two players puked and the game had to end. In fact, this is one of the common ways the coin version of Chandeliers end.

If all your friends can handle the heavy flow of beer, then you might run out of drinks while playing the game. So make sure you have enough supply. It is not uncommon for players to become so drunk that they can’t even throw the coin right. At that time, you should realize that it is time to call the game off.

Generally, a quarter is the best option to be used as the coin. After one player throws the coin, then the player next to him / her will throw. Though, a counterclockwise movement of turns is certainly possible. The point is to maintain the serial of the coin throwers.

As the game goes on for a long time, any player should be allowed to take a pause for any reason (i.e. this mostly occurs if one needs to go to the bathroom). You should agree on some penalty (like drinking all beers from their cup) if someone wants to leave the game temporarily. 

In Chandeliers drinking game, it is very important to remain responsible while drinking. Though playing this game with friends makes it hard to realize the limit, one should always remain careful about exactly how much drink is too much for him / her. If that one point is taken care of by each player, this game can be a source of unlimited fun.



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