Outdoor Drinking Games (1)

The drinking games can be played in the outdoors as well as indoors. There aren’t any restrictions of playing any drinking game only in indoors or outdoors. The outdoor drinking games are comprised of different variations. These games require different amount of equipment to be played. There are few drinking games played in outdoors. People love to play these games again and again. Take a look at these amazing drinking games that are used to play in outdoors. 

  • Drunk Jenga is one of the popular outdoor drinking games that is mostly played by adults. In this game, a building of brick is made by the players. When the drunk player inevitably knocks it down, everyone then starts to drink. There is also Giant Drunk Jenga game in which buildings of around 7 feet is built by the players. It is definitely hard to shed it down. Therefore, a drunk person need to put more effort on it.
  • Among many other outdoor drinking games, Beer Olympics is the first choice of many players. This game is very simple as the players use to drink the beverage from each cube’s section using the straw. 
  • Volleybeer is another interesting game that is based on throwing a ball in the large bucket. At every miss, you’d have to drink the beer. It is one of the simplest and great outdoor drinking games. If you’ve never played it, you should definitely play it.
  • The drunk checkers is also an ideal game in which many cups filled with drink are placed and then these are checked by the players. This game isn’t quite popular among the players. However, you should try this for a change.

Except near the beaches, the drinking games are also played by the people in casinos. Now it’s upon you which place you would select to play each drinking game. The drinking games are the most loved games by many people in the world. The use of alcoholic beverages are not highly recommended by the expert players. It can be a fun-filled game if you use even non-alcoholic drinks. All of the discussed games are worth playing for the players. If you are fed up from playing games on your gadget, simply try the drinking games anywhere outdoor with your buddies. You’d love to play such games again and again. The outdoor games of drinking are popular due to their involvement in lots of physical activities.