Board Drinking Games (0)

These days, it seems a lot that board games that we used to play in 90s are not existed anymore. Due to the tech-oriented life, people are more interested in playing games on their gadgets. However, it is also true that online board games can’t replace the traditional board games. These days, many board games have now changed into drinking games. Due to lack of new ideas, the board games have been included in the drinking games. The board drinking games don’t only provide fun but also develop a lot of interest of the players towards these games.

There are few board drinking games played by many people to add more fun in each game. The first and most popular board drinking game is monopoly. It is still played by millions of people in the world. However, the drinking session has also been added to make it more interesting. It can be a best activity when you go for camping or picnic. It is an ideal game from every aspect. All you need to have are monopoly board, dice, cards, cups, beverage and a table. It can be played by two to multiple people. However, the ideal number of players is five.

Do you remember Ludo? It is the game that has been played a lot in 90s and early 2000. These days, people can easily play this game online. However, many of us only love to play it in a traditional way. There are not hard and fast rules of this game. The players drink every time when their token is sent by the other player. It is one of the popular and most-played board drinking games. You’d love to play it again and again. Many kids add more fun to this game by including drinks.

One of the other board drinking games is chess shot. Instead of white and black tokens, the cups of drinks are used to place over each block. Every exited cup from the game would require to be emptied by the player. It is definitely played by two players. You should definitely try playing chess in such a different way. You’d love to play it again and again. However, keep the less quantity of drink inside each cup. Otherwise, it’d be hard for a player to drink the beverages filled till the brim of the cups. Such kinds of drinking games are considered as good time passing activities.