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Welcome to, the one stop center where you will find all manner of drinking games to give you a whopping time at the party. Here, we are fired by the belief that life is short and therefore when you live it, you had better live it to the full. Here, you will find all types of drinking games that you could be searching for. Whether they involve cards or not, funny ones or any other, they all are here in our website. Life is short, have fun, crazy but responsible fun with the drinking games that we bring you here. We will show you just how.

Who wants a dull party? No one. You need to access some of these games to liven things up a bit at the party. With more than 10 games, what more could you ask for?

Find the most popular games

You will find some of the most popular drinking games listed here that you will enjoy whenever you have a party at home, in college or when you just want to have a good time with friends. Drinking games make things a lot easier for strangers at a party, as they allow people to loosen things up a bit, break the ice somehow.

Submit your own drinking games

You can help us make the website more interesting by submitting some of your favorite drinking games that you find not listed here. There are so many drinking games and many people may not have seen what you have, and you would like to share with them. We would highly appreciate some of your suggestions in order to make someone’s drinking fun and lively.

Types of drinking games

These games come in diverse types. Some are popular, some very popular and some are not so popular but they are fun all the same. And maybe there are some you never heard of like these on BuzzFeed

Card drinking games

These games involve dealing in cards. The players are dealt with cards and the games are played according to their nature and rules. Examples of card drinking games are:

Drown the clown: this game needs an even number of players. Each player is dealt with cards that are faced down. The cards are turned over by each player on the count of 3.

If your card matches another player’s card, then you should point to the person and shout clown as fast as you can. The last person or player to say it has to drink the value of the card.

If a player points to another and the cards do not match then they both drink and the game continues until all the cards dealt are finished.

Dice Drinking Games

From Bonk, Boxer, PinkyMcDrinky, Mexican to Mexicali, there are so many dice drinking games. Just as the name suggests, in these games, you shake and roll the dice as per the rules. There are different rules for each game. Follow them carefully. Some of the games are ridiculously simple while others can be a bit complex. However, the main idea here is to have fun. So go have all the fun that you would like.

Cup & Ball Drinking Games

Take a ball, throw it in the cup of beer from the distance, you win and you drink the beer. That is the Pong Beer game for you. The beer glass will be positioned at the other end of the table and you will be throwing the ball from one end. Basically, that is how all these cup and ball games are, and they come in a wide variety like Civil War, Nemesis, Base Ball and Beer Ball to name but just a few of them. Cup & Ball are some of the most popular drinking games today.

Outdoor Drinking Games

Just as the name suggests, these games involve moving the drinking outside. When summer time hits, there is no better way to enjoy than having a nice cold drink outside with your friends. And here at, we are all about helping you and your friends to not only get drunk, but also get your tan at the same time.

When the weather is nice and the sun is out, and you are outgoing, you know you should be involved in a play that will be celebrating the fact that men are still men and women are still women. You will enjoy playing our outdoor drinking games and you will come back for more.

Coin Drinking Games

Just as the name suggest, these games involve the use of coins. Because it is very easy to find someone with a coin in his or her pocket, coin games are very easy to play. Among the most popular coin drinking games is Quarter. You can play this game when everyone is starting his or her night or when everyone has taken some few drinks. However, its more enjoyable people have already taken few drinks. In fact, the more drinks participants have had before the beginning of the party the more challenging and enjoyable it becomes to play.

For you to play, you must have a coin along with a glass filled with a drink of your choice, which must be alcohol anyway. In most cases, beer is the drink used in this game.

Verbal Drinking Games

These games are meant for highly energetic people and it involves low buzz factor. They require beer, energetic people and supplies. Every party member chooses a hand gesture of his or her choice to represent him or her during the game. Depending on how you want the party to go down, it can be polite, simple or sexually enticing. The group sits in a circle and then everyone starts the game by simply ‘drumming’ their hands on the playing service.

Even though these games are short, they give participants an interesting experience that enables one to live fully in the present and at the moment. Verbal drinking games actually take a lot of emotional involvement.

Board Drinking Games

If you have never played board games that involve alcohol, then you need to try board-drinking games because they are fun for lack of a better word. Once you get to the venue where the game is going to be played, you sit with your friends on the patio and then you pull out a deck of Uno cards. When you are lucky enough to pull out a “Wild” card, it means that everyone drinks.

These games are known to take everyone to a carefree moment even after the most intense moments. Even if you just got fired or divorced, you will still come out of these games feeling pretty good and energetic.

Movie Drinking Games

For a long time, drinking games have always been attached to television and to movies and therefore it is only fair to have a few movie drinking games. And there are more than enough options of these. These games allow you to combine the two things that are very entertaining, drinking and watching movies. How do you play these games? It is very easy. You can for example drink every time the main character kills, every time a certain phrase is spoken, every time a tit is flashed and so on, anything to make it fun. You will find many of these games on our site to help you get started.

Mobile application drinking games

These drinking games are available in the form of mobile applications for android and iOS phones to help you have more fun while drinking. There are many and they are all fun, but here is just one of them:

Here is an example of a mobile application drinking game:

King of booze drinking game: This drinking game gives players the option of deciding whether to display their skills or just drink. It features 14players, over 100 players, 500 challenges, 2 board layouts, 2 alcoltests, 22 avatars, 3 game boards and layouts.

The game has an option of one editing more challenges than the developers could come up with and a hall of fame. Here, records for the number of drinks taken, challenges won and so on are kept.

Drinking games without cards

These games involve drinking without the players having to play cards. There are so many games that you can play here. For example, you can enjoy drinking as you play Russian Roulette, Flip Cup, Buzz and many more. Here is a deeper look at some examples of drinking games without cards:

Dice game: this is a simple dice drinking game, which only requires one die.

  1. You roll the die
  2. The first player must match that number by rolling the exact number, or rolling numbers that add up to it. Every player only rolls three times.
  3. If you do not match the number then you have to drink.
  4. The next player must match the last number rolled and the game continues.

There, that is easy, isn’t it? This is one of the easiest ways to drink you silly. It is a lovely game and anyone can play it.

Beer pong: this drinking game requires 4 players, plastic cups, a table, a ping-pong table and beer.

  • The game consists of two teams each of two players.
  • All teams have 6 cups 1/3 filled with beer arranged in a triangular pattern and they sit opposite to each other.
  • The players shoot the ping-pong ball to the opposite players cups with an aim of eliminating them before they can eliminate them.
  • If the ball hits a cup, then a player from the team defending must remove the ball and drink up the beet in the cup and the cups are rearranged and the game continues until all the cups are hit.

Drinking Games for two

Playing is one of the best ways that we can use to relax our minds, have fun, or even get to know each other better. Drinking games for two aim at giving two people a wonderful time, as they play a game and drink. These games vary in many ways. You can ask each other random questions with the person unable to answer taking a drink. You can also use cards and invent a system that allows one person to win at the expense of the other. Therefore, whenever you want to enjoy a special moment with your significant other, remember to use drinking games for two. Enjoy yourself by drinking your best beverage, and have all the fun you deserve.

Power hour

Power hour is a mixture of music and alcohol. You get the chance to listen to your favorite music as you enjoy several shots of alcohol. The game consists of six sessions, each running for ten minutes. You take a single shot every ten minutes, which is normally at the end of one song. Therefore, you get to listen to six songs for the entire session. You can play this game when you want to prepare yourself to go out for a party, as the drinks give you a party mood. Moreover, the game can help you socialize better with your friends, or just sit back and relax your mind.

History of Drinking Games

Drinking games date back to our ancient days. They have been in existence since the earliest days of civilization providing people with a form of entertainment. This means that our ancestors also played drinking games, which mean that they form part of a rich culture of having fun. The games mostly used alcoholic drinks, unlike today when people can use their best beverage. Some of the drinking games existed as a ritual, thus treated with utmost respect. Others were irresponsible, as they involved too much drinking, just like today. However, some of the games were just lighthearted games providing the participants with fun. Here you find a list on wikipedia.

Please drink responsibly

Drinking games provide you with an opportunity to unwind and just feel happy. They help to relax your mind, bond with friends, or even get involved in mind stimulating activities. Given that most people use alcohol, as the main drink it is wise to watch out for your drinking habits. Too much alcohol can end up in chaos, instead of having fun. Excessive consumption, for instance, harms your health. Therefore, it is always advisable that you only take a considerable amount of alcohol that your body can withstand. Always bear in mind that games are meant to help you relax, and not cause you problems in life.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” ~ Benjamin Franklin