Coin Drinking Games (1)

The coin drinking games are based in wide range of choices for the players. If you think that these games are only stick to dice or cards, then you’re wrong. You can use many other items to play drinking games. One of the popular items used for playing drinking games is coin(s). The coin drinking games are played in the casinos, restaurants and homes as well. There are many ways of playing drinking game by using coins. The coins are mostly used for toss in this game. It can be turned into Truth or Dare that will be decided by head or tail.

There are no final rules of each drinking game. In the coin drinking games, you can modify the rules as per your choice. Most of the adults love to play coin drinking game. The equipment required to play coin drinking game are beer, 16 ounce of cups and coins. The seating arrangement should be definitely perfect to make the game more joyous. The drinking game always provide fun to the players. If you’re fed up from the boring online games and want to get more socialize, you can’t have any better option rather than it.

The coin drinking games are also played by collecting the coins. The players simply collect coins by rolling the dice. The value of each coin would be the number you’d get by rolling the dice. In this game, the player use artificial coins (which they make for the game). For instance, if you get a four by rolling dice, you’d get coin of 4. In the end, all the coins earned by each player are counted. The player with highest total number of coins is considered as the winner. It is a very interesting game that you should definitely play.

From the beginning to the end, nobody can analyze that who will win this game. Therefore, people love to play this interesting game. The coin drinking games are mostly played in the homes. Therefore, you won’t see the trend of this game in casinos and restaurants. The coin drinking game is also consider as simpler so the children love to play it again and again. Searching a coin is also a popular game in which each player search coin inside mud, milk or other dark-colored liquid. It is also a simplest and interesting game that you can try for sure.

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