Kings Cup rules

Kings Cup

Kings cup is an awesome drinking card game which uses thirteen types of special cards. This is a simple but real fun game to play with your friends.


  • King’s cup playing cards.
  • A big cup.
  • Any beverage.


Put the cup at the middle of the table. Then place the cards (faced down) around the cup. Make sure that the cards touch and overlap each other, forming a circle. As usual, the players will sit around the table. Each player should have their favorite drink with him / her.


  1. Choose one player to begin the game. The player will pick up a card. Each card has a certain rule written behind it. The player must do what the rule says. Once a card is picked, it should not be put back to the circle.
  2. Then the next player (in a clockwise direction) will pick up another card and do what the card says.
  3. The game should continue this way until the fourth “King” card is picked.
  4. The players should try not to break the continuous circle of cards. If the circle is broken by a player, he / she have to take one sip of drink. Once the circle gets broken for the third time, the cards should be reconnected with each other by creating a smaller circle.



Every time we played the King’s Cup, we enjoyed our time a lot. The game is real simple but it has lots of fun elements. Each of the twelve types of cards has unique and enjoyable rules written at its back. Some of these cards would require you to do real crazy stuff. But surrounded by friends, these crazy things just increase the fun.
Kings Cup does not have any complex rule. Anyone can play King’s Cup without having any previous familiarity with the game. Kings Cup As it is obvious that drinks will be spilled, the cards should be coated with plastic.
Among the cards, there are the namesake four special King cards. If you pick up the last King card, you are in danger. Because the previous three cards required your friends to pour their drinks in the King’s cup placed in the middle. But the fourth one requires you to drink off the King’s cup. And this ends the Kings cup game.
Another interesting (and dangerous) card to pick is the Queen card (also known as the Bitch card). If you are unfortunate enough to pick up this card, you will be bound to do anything Kings Cup that the other players say. You will be released from this state only if another unfortunate player picks up the second Bitch card.
The Ace card of the game will make the entire table start drinking one after another. Until the last player stops drinking, the first player continues. If you are the unlucky first player, then you are certainly in danger!
The Jackpot card is very exciting as it lets you introduce any new rule to the game. You can be creative and of course funny Kings Cup.
The other cards of King’s Cup are no less interesting. You should play them to have the full experience. While playing, one player may take too much time to perform the required task. Kings Cup To prevent this from happening, the table must agree on a timeout duration. Any player of King’s Cup taking more time than this will be penalized by making him / her have two extra sips Kings Cup.
In the end, we would like to say that if you haven’t played King’s Cup yet; choose it as your next drinking game. You will definitely thank us later for this amazing suggestion.



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